Establish companies from outside Turkey

Why should I set up a company in Turkey?

The Turkish market is considered one of the best markets in the world. In this article, we discussed the reasons to Invest in Turkey.


The Turkish economy is classified as one of the top 20 economies in the world. Also, it is an emerging market with many investment opportunities that will help you get an excellent source of income. you can read this article about the most attractive investment industries in Turkey.


So, what are the steps required and what are the costs?

The first step

  • Read all information related to the establishment of companies in Turkey by clicking on this link
  • Fill out this form which contains some information that belongs to you and your company.
  • Send a scanned copy of your passport for the first and second pages.

The second step

OK TAMAM Group will prepare your contract and send it to you, which will be presented to the Turkish Embassy in your country to start the third step.

The third step

  • after you complete the first step and you will visit the Turkish embassy in your country of residence to complete the authorization that was sent to you based on the name of the company
  • You will send all the original documents to us and we will start the final procedures for establishing your company.

The fourth step

After completing all the procedures, the client on your behalf will open the company for you and sign for you at the notary and chamber of commerce.

After that, you will visit the Turkish Embassy again in your country of residence and make your signature after the completion of all Chamber of Commerce procedures.

The current step is that your client will open a bank account for your company in Turkey, You will transfer the amount of capital directly to your account and will be deposited by OK TAMAM team on your behalf according to the package you chose, and then we will complete the procedures of the company.


Fifth step

You will revisit the Turkish Embassy after receiving all the papers of your company to start your work permit and will extract the work Number that you will send to OK TAMAM, to issuance the residence for you.

Residence and Work permit in Turkey

What is the cost of establishing a Turkish company from outside Turkey?

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Help you furnish your company

  • Help you furnish your company
  • Help you choose and buy your furniture.
  • Helping you by providing transportation for furniture to your company and follow-up furnishing it.
  • Help you with the installation of phone lines, electricity, water, gas and other services for your company.
  • Help you write your lease and register it with the Turkish government.

Tasks of the Personal Accounts Manager

  • Translate your papers and family papers
  • Book your flight ticket and offer transportation for your and your family
  • Simultaneous translation by phone if you visit a government department, restaurant or any place where you need instant translation.
  • Reminds you of tax payment dates and helps you communicate with your company’s accountant.
  • Help you manage your trade and your business in general.

In addition, He will assist you in general in matters of work and living in Turkey

FAQ about establishing a company in Turkey from abroad

Ok Tamam group will receive the required approvals from the Ministry of labor and send it to you via Email
Then you will go to the Turkish embassy in your country, and you will get a one-time entry visa, later we will send the residence permit to your address in your country.

After you get your residence permit, we will book a reservation for your family and they will have to go to the Turkish embassy in the country where they reside to get a escort visa . then they have to come to Turkey to attend the family resident appointment.

Please read this article to establish the company in Turkey to know the periodic costs of the company

No, this is a full legal company and there is no so-called fake company.

You do not need to appoint Turks in the first year of your business, But you may be asked to hire 5 Turks when you renew your residence.

But if the company is engaged in the field of import and export and the proportion of exports of the company more than 800.000 Turkish lira, you don’t need to appoint Turks

Yes, you have to deposit all the capital so that you can start the work procedures

Yes, you can do so in case you want to keep tourist residence in the future.