Comparing of March of the previous to the current year, Unemployment rate decreased in the state to 10.9%, Turkish statistics institute said where jobless reached to 3 million and 23 thousand. At March of the current year 46 thousand of jobless, who are over the age of 15 years old, enabled to find job, according to the data provided by the Turkish statistics institute. Unemployment rate witnessed a retreat of 0.8% in the last March comparing to 10.9% of February.

The Institute mentioned in its announcement that employment rate of the last March was increased to reach 1.1% more than same time of the last year. It was 10.9%. So manpower in Turkey was increased to 26.993 million employments with a ratio of 46.1%.

In the last march that it witnessed a retreat of a rate of 100 thousand employments in agriculture sector. On the other hand it increased in other sectors by 1.141 million men.

Employment rate in agriculture sector is 18.9%, 19.6% for industry, 7.1% for construction and 54.4 for services sector.

Official data was issued earlier this week by the Turkish Statistics Institute showed that the annually Turkish total domestic growth in the first quarter of the year reached to 4.8% to overcome all survey expectations a little bet to reach 4.5%.

In a report issued this week by the World Bank praising all Turkish giant projects in Transportation which started last year and valued US 44.7 milliard. These projects provided ten thousand jobs opportunities.