Treatment Services

OKTAMAM Group offers you to cure abroad with the minimum price at the best hospitals of Turkey. All you have to do just send us your medical reports and we will help you get on the overall cost of your treatment.

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Programming Services

OKTAMAM in India is a branch of OKTAMAM group, which is specialized in programing , designing software and mobile applications . Know more of our services.

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Commercial Services

OKTAMAM GROUP group can help in Import/Export services, founding companies; also get services for  , businessmen and Air, land and sea shipping services at the lowest prices.

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Educational Services

Know OKTAMAM‘s educational services, and ask for  rendering to public and private universities, YOS tests, scholarships in Turkey, abroad and other educational services around the world.

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Civil marriage steps in Turkey

  • Extracting civil registry (single registry)
  • Birth Certificate.

These certifications should ratify from the citizen’s foreign ministry. This document should mention mother and father name on; in that case it is no need for birth certificate.

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Work permit in Turkey

Foreigners may allow to establish a commercial corporation solely same as a Turkish with his own funds, this fund haven’t to be less than 100.000 Turkish liras. Work permit may grant to applicants, whose share mustn’t be less than 40.000 Turkish liras. According to the law, applicants will be asked for either hiring five employees or lodge a social insurance.

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Residence in Turkey

Foreigners, who wish to stay in Turkey and need a residence, it applies for the first time; (for work permit, Syrian is exclude), should apply an application to the counsel or embassies in their country or place of resident, according to the law no 6458; issued in 11.04.2014 and applied in 1.1.2015. Note that: applying applications to extend resident is going to be through all concerned provinces in Turkey even after execution of the law.

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Practicing of Medicine

In Turkey, foreign doctors have the right for practicing in general all private corps. Dentistry, Pharmacist, nurse and midwife are excluded, but the exception is for Turkish descents.


  • The equivalent of medicine certification.(Read More)
  • There is no official detaining
  • Acquiring an accredited “B” level and above of Turkish language
  • o Obtaining visa permit for working.
  •  Financial assurance.
  • Certification of practicing medicine issued from his country or embassy

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  • OKTAMAM Exists in more than eighteen countries and more than thirty five agencies all over the continent.
  • Many bilingual employees speak your Arabic mother tongue, Spanish, Turkish, Romanian and Hungarian languages.
  • All OKTAMAM employees are specialized.
  • OKTAMAM is a representative not a mediator for more than thirty six universities.
  • We make things easier than you think.

Institutions and companies trust us.